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Thread: Chris Rock earns $20k for charity

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    Default Chris Rock earns $20k for charity

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Woman Pays $20K To Charity To Have Chris Rock Tell Off Her Ex

    Have you ever wanted to really tell of an ex, but just did not know exactly what to say? Well, Chris Rock has you covered. At a charity event for autism, a woman paid $20K for the privilege of having Chris Rock call her ex and tell him off for treating the woman so badly. While the couple were still together he posted pictures on Facebook of himself with another woman. This is seriously NSFW for language.

    Crazy Days and Nights: Woman Pays $20K To Charity To Have Chris Rock Tell Off Her Ex

    Click the link for the vid, I can't embed worth a damn.
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    Wow I haven't even clicked the link and heard it yet but I gotta say, I really like this idea...

    Assholes get humiliated for pulling asinine shit and a huge chunk of $$ goes to charity--it's win-win.

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    that was pretty cool, but not long enough for 20k. I bet the exboyfriend was thrilled to death though.
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