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    It's called (wait for it) Kokigami and is a recognised sexual practice/fetish. Some people make up elaborate genital role play scripts to go with their little costumes. I remember reading about it in The Encycopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices (a very interesting read if you can get hold of a copy, although I winced at some of the stuff involving nails and bees).

    If you ever want to know the name of some fucked up shit that someone is into then this link might be handy to bookmark.

    Sexual Practices Encyclopedia - Adult Encyclopedia

    ETA some pictures (I'll keep them SFW lol).

    A "How To" book.

    And some Kokigami costumes for the guys on GR to print off and try out.

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    Wth?! The names are hilarious. To name a few: Fireman Rick, Private Willy, Dr. Dick Longfellow.

    So, basically, it's guys playing dress-up Barbies with their peepees? lol! What's the point? It's all going to come off anyway. Heh, whatever stokes the intimacy fire, I'm all for it.

    Here's Stroker the Cowboy.

    Bwahahahaha! Pirate Hardwood!

    Rock the fuck on!

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