April Fools 2010! The Best Pranks Of The Year (So Far)

It's April Fools' Day. We'll be here all day bring you up to date on the best pranks of year. So keep checking in!

Bieber or Die

Justin Bieber has taken over Funny Or Die. Prank or not, Bieber Or Die is awesome. Who knew the Biebs was so funny? Just check out his take on dramatic chipmunk. Oh Bieber.

Topeka Is The New Google

Google has replaced its famous logo with "Topeka." a nod to Kansas's capitol who temporarily renamed itself Google, Kansas. Google explained the prank in detail on their blog.

New Starbucks Sizes

Not content with the seemingly endless options at Starbucks? Their blog has posted that the coffee giant will be offering two new sizes: the Plenta (128 oz) and the Micra (2 oz). Luckily, I like my coffee in buckets, so I'm kind hoping this sticks.

Butterfly Attacks!!!
Qualcomm Video Center - Butterfly Attack Press Conference
Qualcomm has released a video claiming a new product is causing savage butterfly attacks.

Virtual Ice Cream!

On Ben and Jerry's website, you can test out any ice cream flavor just by licking your computer monitor. Like anyone would do that. Now, if you'll excuse me for a second, I need to wipe down my screen.
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