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Thread: Art's Greatest Masterpieces, Made Slightly Funnier

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    Default Art's Greatest Masterpieces, Made Slightly Funnier

    You have to check out this website: That Is Priceless
    They show classic old art pieces and give them new funny descriptions. Here are some examples:


    Paull Delaroche, French

    Napoleon Needs a Red Bull, 1845


    Gustave Courbet, French

    Johnny Depp Realizing He Left the Oven On, 1844


    Salomon Koninck, Dutch

    Albus Dumbledore Weighing Out an 8-Ball, 1654
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    William Holman Hunt, English

    Matthew McConaughey Off His Meds Again, 1870

    That Is Priceless: MASTERPIECE #90

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