Going through old bookmarks, I forgot I had this link. I think I originally found the link on 4chan, bookmarked it to read later and totally forgot about it until now.

I wonder how many people have been arrested and got restraining orders against them as a result of this site. Reading these make me hope that this is just a clever troll.

Get a bunch of cardboard boxes from a local grocery store and build a castle on the lawn. Attach a flag saying "Princess --------" Inside, leave a note asking "Her royal highness" out on a date. Be sure to tell her who the Prince Charming is.
"I'm sorry but the Princess is in another castle"

If you want to ask someone, just put a baby pool filled with water in their front yard. Then put pennies at the bottom of it and some rubber duckies floating in it. Then have a posterboard saying " I would be a LUCKY DUCK if you went to _________ with me."
Get a big rock and a little rock. Write "yes" on the small rock and "no" on the big rock. Make sure the big rock weighs too much to carry alone. Attach a note saying "You would ROCK my world if you would go to the dance with me. Please return the appropriate response."
Fortunately big rocks also do more damage...

Leave a tub of melted butter in the askees first class with no note (they will be confused). In their second class, leave a bag of popped popcorn and a note saying "I wanted to butter you up before I popped the question. Will you be my date to .... , Love __"
I'm sure this person would love a potential date with Marlon Brando.

More horror here CoolestDates.Com