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Thread: Dumb criminals -- Ten terribly bungled crimes

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    Default Dumb criminals -- Ten terribly bungled crimes

    What a collection of mopes!

    Ten Terribly Bungled Crimes

    My personal favourites are the crackhead who complained to police that the crack she bought was of poor quality, and the robber who fell asleep while "on the job"!

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    Ah, dumb criminals always make me laugh!
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    There are 2 episodes of "Cops" which are classics; one has a man who is pulled over and as the police are questioning him, you can clearly see a joint tucked behind his ear. They keep asking him over and over if he's done any drugs. He keeps on denying it until they point out the reason they suspect he has is the joint over his ear; needless to say, he was quite embarrassed.

    The other is one about a woman who also called the cops over a drug deal gone wrong. She kept harassing an African American woman who was sitting out on her front porch to sell her drugs. The woman finally got fed up, and handed over a baggie of baking soda. When the 1st woman realized it was not really drugs, she called the police. The police also spoke to the woman who "sold" her the faux drugs, and asked her if she was a drug dealer, to which she responded "No, I'm just a prostitute."

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