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Thread: STFU, Marrieds!

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    Default STFU, Marrieds!

    Found this site through FailBlog, and have spent the last hour flipping through posts. HILARIOUS!

    STFU, Marrieds
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    There really are some things that shouldn't go on facebook. I saw two posts there that reminded me of people who appear (sometimes via other people's replies) on my facebook: The sickly, cutesy-wutesy "{moron's name} luvs er fluffybunnybaby THIIIIIIIIIS MUUUUUCH!!!!!! Ur ma reazin 4 livin bby!! xxxxxxxXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXxxxxxXXXXxxx" posts that appear from the same person at least three times a day and the warring ex's who can't get over the fact that they split nearly a fucking decade ago and their kids have their own facebook pages and are seeing mum and dad ripping the shite out of each other in public! GTF over it! Gah! I really need to do a clearout on there.

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    I did post an old pic of us on our ten yr (wedding) anniversary and amongst the many comments and congrats from friends and family we got to bask in we did exchange about one apiece sentimental and yet funny comment between one another. But that is the extent of our mushiness for the world to see and potentially be annoyed by on FB.

    But I get this. Because several couples I know exchange mushiness ALL the time and it gets old and really hurl-worthy at times.
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