Caught red-handed? New video footage may show Bigfoot... stealing vegetables in Kentucky
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Last updated at 12:05 PM on 24th September 2009

Closed circuit television footage is often used to nab petty crooks and small-time robbers.
But when a Kentucky couple set up a camera in their back garden to discover who was stealing their vegetables, they received a nasty shock.

The grainy footage showed what appeared to be a shadowy, Sasquatach-like creature at the bottom of their land - immediately sparking speculation that it could be the fabled creature known as 'Bigfoot'.

Bigfoot... or a garbage bag? A clip from the footage taken by a motion camera in a Kentucky garden appears to show a large Sasquatch-like creature

In a new twist, the footage suggests that - if it is Bigfoot - the creature is in fact a vegetarian.

Kenny and Margaret Mahoney set up a motion camera in their back garden in Fairdale, Kentucky after their home-grown vegetables began to mysteriously disappear earlier this month.

Convinced the cheeky culprit was a racoon, they were taken aback when they later examined the film - and spotted the creature roaming the bottom of their garden.

The Mahoneys sent off the pictures to a wildlife expert friend - and, despite protests from their brother-in-law that the 'creature' is in fact a garbage bag, have now found their home the latest centre for Bigfoot enthusiasts.
'We initially suspected a deer or a racoon of stealing our green beans,' said Margaret, 47.

The creature was spotted in the footage at the bottom of the Kentucky garden on September 1

'However when my husband produced the pictures of the shape at the bottom of our land we must admit to being surprised.
'We worried that it might be a bear, so we sent off the picture to a good friend who is an expert in that field.

'She said in her opinion it looked like fur, but she could not confirm it was a bear.'

Intrigued as to what the motion sensor-hunting camera may have picked up, Margaret sent the image to the local news station to see what they made of it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the story snowballed.

'After we appeared on television we were swamped with phone calls and emails from crypto-zoologists and Bigfoot hunters wanting to talk,' Margaret said.

Kenny Mahoney, centre, brown shirt, puts his arm around his wife Margaret as they pose with a production team from America's The History Channel, which came to film them for an episode of Monster Quest

'They all think that we may have stumbled onto something important.'

A team from the History Channel have even come and gone, after filming a segment for their show, Monster Quest.

'Our greatest fear is that it is indeed a bear,' says Margaret.
'However, bears do not live in Kentucky... so we are still at a loss as to what this figure could be.'

The mythical Bigfoot is most often sighted in North America. No conclusive evidence showing the creature exists has ever been found.

Margaret's husband, Kenny has kept his sensible hat on during the fuss that his picture created.
'I don't believe that it is Bigfoot,' the 49-year-old said. His brother-in-law had suggested it was a garbage bag that had blown up in the wind, he added. But: 'Truth be told I have no idea what it is.'

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