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Thread: Immigrant kids -- somebody's gonna get hurt real bad -- Russell Peters

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    Default Immigrant kids -- somebody's gonna get hurt real bad -- Russell Peters

    This cracks me up. I had a Polish-born father who would strike out and hit me a lot -- he'd generally crack me around the ear when I became mouthy. I know it isn't PC these days to beat kids, but I had my share of it...I wish my dad had been as funny as Russell Peter's father is, though!

    Russell Peters

    I follow Russell Peters on Twitter, and his tweets are every bit as funny as his standup comedy is.

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    I love Russell Peters! I can totally relate. My immigrant father called me out like Russell's father did in this clip...except he was dead serious!
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    Sooo funny! I like Russell Peters , his routine about his dad asking for a "punani" is hilarious

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    I love this guy sooo much! he is soo funny!!
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