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Thread: Best not call it a Lawnmower

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    Default Best not call it a Lawnmower

    It's a tractor, greenhorn, and Paul Woods would take offense. This is an older story but one I found pretty endearing. Just Like Lynch's The Straight Story, almost

    Background story I found on the net.
    Man makes epic trip on mower

    Myself? I meet Paul Woods, and his pal Yoda, on Hwy 40 out of Keystone, South Dakota in early 2007. He had a Need Food sign, so we purchased some food at a small store and brought it, along with some blankets, to Paul and Yoda. I asked him if he wouldn't mind If I took some pics, he even posed with my little guy. Not sure where the two are now...I heard somewhere in the west United States.

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    Jon Hamm's pants


    Are these stock photos of the Unabomber?
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    The hole in the crotch of his pants is a nice touch
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    i want the dogs

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