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Thread: The Passion Propeller

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    Default The Passion Propeller

    Possibly NSFW. Contains comic graphic of two people in a serious WTF position. I mean really now, is he sticking it in her bellybutton or what? Scroll down for lulz.

    Passion Propeller

    Erotic Instructions:
    Your man lies on top of you, entering you in traditional missionary style, but then yowza! he starts doing a 360-degree spin, all the while keeping his penis deep inside of you. As he's rotating and thrusting, help guide him around your body like a propeller would spin around the top of a helicopter. Make sure to lift his legs when they swing around over your head.
    Carnal Challenge

    Why You'll Love It:
    Once you make the 360-degree jaw-dropping journey, you and your man will feel like sexual dynamos and may even keep on spinning for rounds two, three, and four! Another plus of this topsy-turvy delight: As he's doing an around-your-world revolution, you finally get to view every inch of his body and barely have to move to reap big rewards your propeller prince is doing all the work!
    This randy ring around your rosie can make staying in sync tricky. If during his twisty travels you encounter some awkward private part match-up moments and it feels like he might just slip out, try placing a pillow under your butt to raise your pelvis a bit for easier access.

    Want the complete collection of sizzling sex positions? Get our book, The Cosmo Kama Sutra: 77 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions, now!

    Passion Propeller Sex Position -

    I'm going to have to scroll through the rest of these.
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    Looks like too much work with little payoff.

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    No thank you . I like my sex boring and non propellery

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    Down by da beach....boyeee


    That looks difficult! I imagine many broken noses while trying this one out...
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    I can't imagine that would be awkward and unromantic [insert sarcastic tone]. Sheesh.

    Happy trails to you...until we meet again.
    I love & miss you Dad.

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    This looks like it takes waaaayyy too much coordination, and you KNOW someone's going to get kicked in the face in the process

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    I'm sure the editors are having a grand laugh thinking of how many rubes are actually going to try that.

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    I can't see that one working if the man has a little pecker.

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