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Thread: Eric Bana recreates Tom Cruise interview

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    Default Eric Bana recreates Tom Cruise interview

    It's from The Eric Bana Sketch Show from 1997. He recreates an interview between Cruise and host Ray Martin...except for the end, which changes ever so slightly.


    I'm guessing Bana hasn't been invited over to the Cruise house.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    That was freaking hillarious!
    I love Eric Bana. Now I have another reason to love him even more!!!!
    mama mia*
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    Woah!!! Love the ending!

    Bana does comedy very well - he's one of Hollywood's most gifted actors, in my opinion.

    I love how small Tom looks here - with his little chair and the camera angle looking down at him. Bana nailed this one.

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    Freaking great!!!!

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