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    Default coffin kit MHP The Sandler All Wood Coffin Kit: Health & Personal Care

    You have to read some of the reviews. They are hilarious!

    5.0 out of 5 stars Best Coffin I've Ever Tried, May 22, 2009
    By ThatAngryKid "Dan" (Baltimore, MD) - See all my reviews
    So, being dead for the last 100 years, lets just say I've had my fair share of chances to try out the latest and greatest in coffin technology.

    I've easily spent ten times this much on a coffin that ended up being not even half as comfortable. I may be dead, but that doesn't mean I can't be picky about the conditions in which I lay. I find this all wood coffin kit is really classy and yet understated. Occasionally, this bad boy gets me some hot looks from the dead chicks who see me laying in it.

    Also, being that the world is now in a "Green" kick, I find that using sustainable materials such as the wood used in this coffin is more "with the times". This coffin is like the Prius of coffins, sans the smug.

    So, I gave this coffin 5 stars, and to all of my deceased homies, would highly recommend giving it a shot. It might be a bit tough to assemble yourself when your hands rotted away almost a century ago, but it's not that bad.

    There are plenty of other coffins I wouldn't be caught dead in, but this one more than does the trick. I wouldn't give this coffin up over my dead body.
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    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
    By Mark Palmer (Navarre, MN) - See all my reviews

    Sooner or later, you are gonna need one of these! (unless you get cremated) This is the one product that Amazon sells that absolutely everyone is dying to get.

    Although, at 6'7" my family will have to cut off my feet or head so I fit. If they have an open casket wake, I hope they leave my head attached!

    Another nice thing is... On the off chance they have to exhume you to do a postmortem to figure out how you were murdered, The pine box (no metal)should crumble quickly leaving the bugs and worms to do their thing, leaving a nice clean set of bones without all the slimy smelly guts and skin to deal with.

    What a fun project too! It will give your Loved ones something to do as a family together. A nice project to keep their minds off the bickering that is to come over your will.

    I hope they stain mine a rich Burgundy, or maybe use some "Thompson Wood Sealer" to protect it. (they say it lasts for years)

    Anyway, get yours NOW while they are ON SALE. You SAVE 46% or $[...]bucks. That will go a long way to pay the preacher to say a few words!

    Of course, what do you care? You'll be dead anyway...


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    Some of the prices on these are quite reasonable!

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