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Thread: Glenn Beck screams at caller

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    Default Glenn Beck screams at caller

    The Buzz Log - Get Off Glenn Beck's Phone! - Yahoo! Buzz


    Glenn Beck is an emotional guy. Ain't nobody gonna dispute that. One minute he's crying because he loves his country, and the next he's suggesting California be kicked out of the Union. Earlier this week, Mr. Beck had a meltdown while "debating" health care with a caller to his radio program.
    As clips of the exchange made their way across the Web, lookups on "glenn beck" and the far more telling "glenn beck loses his mind" surged into the stratosphere. Assuming you can tolerate listening to people scream at each other, the clip is actually quite amusing.
    The caller comes on strong, arguing that the United States needs universal health care. Mr. Beck disagrees. Both sides talk (loudly) at the same time for a while; then Beck loses his cool and screams that the caller should get off his phone.
    To be fair, the clip made its way onto the Web courtesy of MediaMatters4America, a watchdog group that goes after conservative pundits like Beck. According to their channel on YouTube, the group is "dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media."
    Below, the clip in question. There's no foul language, but there is a heckuva lot of blustering and righteous indignation on both sides. Enjoy!

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    He's such a fucking douchebag. He sounds like Chris Farley doing his crazy fat guy schtick.

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    The high-pitched 'get off my phoneeee!!!!!' at 3:30 is fucking hysterical.

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    Good lord, I can't believe I kinda liked this guy when I was younger Glenn Beck makes Rush Limbaugh look like he's addicted to chill pills, for fucks sake. Loved it when he screeched for that lady to get off the phone, though.

    Glad CNN got rid of his crazy ass.

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