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Thread: "This is what the bear probably looked like.......except real" Go Fox news!

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    Default "This is what the bear probably looked like.......except real" Go Fox news!


    Cardboard cutouts and mascot costumes?

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    dear lord *snort bear climbing tree killed me, as did the rabbit
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    That is the worst ever. Surely they had a file photo? This was like something to entertain 5 year olds.
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    OMG that is so unprofessional! Hopefully that guy got fired.
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    Dude, Fox's middle name is unprofessional, particularly all their local affiliates. You should see the morning news show and regular news around here. Unbelievable how inept all their people are, it's embarrassing. Million times worse than a high school tv news production.

    My BIL works as a cameraman for a Florida Fox affiliate station and he hates them because they don't give a flying fuck about the quality of their shows or their workers. He says Fox has always paid them shit, and now with the economy he can't even realistically look for another job because no one is hiring.

    Fox blows.

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