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Thread: Couple bent out of shape over yoga molestation

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    Default Couple bent out of shape over yoga molestation

    Seattle Police are investigating a report of molestation at a downtown Seattle yoga center after Capitol Hill couple reported an alleged incident of hypnotism and inappropriate touching during a class in October.

    According to the police report, a man told officers he was with his fiancee in class when he heard her say "no," sigh, and then go silent.

    The woman told police that while she was in the yoga position, the instructor came over to her and held her legs up. The report says the instructor was clicking something and saying "listen to your master, you must do whatever your master wants you to do." The man told police the instructor then knelt down and put his hands on the woman's stomach.

    The report says students saw the instructor reach inside the woman's pants and grope her, before she passed out and urinated on herself. The man told police he believed the instructor was trying to hypnotize his fiancee.

    The incident happened in October but was not reported to police until last week.

    When contacted this morning, Mikeóan instructor at the yoga center, who did not give his last nameósays he was not aware of the October incident, but did offer up a new age explanation for what happened: "Anybody can have the truth to their perspective. We just promote health happiness and peace in a way that allows people to heal their bodies. Sometimes those feelings can be strong," Mike says. "Until you actually get into water, if youíve never been in water, itís a new experience. You have to be open to that experience."

    Mike adds that the low lights and music at the yoga center "can seem to be hypnotizing" but that staff at the center "just donít do anything improper."

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    WTF? This is so bizarre it doesn't seem real. Ad is the yoga instructor interviewed HIGH or what?!

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