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Thread: Artist turns thousands of photographs into sculptures

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    Default Artist turns thousands of photographs into sculptures

    Korean sculptor Gwon Osang creates sculptures from hundreds of photographs of the original subjects, overlaying them onto lightweight life-sized mannequins

    Gwon's quilted photo-sculptures are made by photographing different sections of the model's anatomy....

    ....developing and printing the pictures....

    ....and then piecing them together onto a plaster mannequin

    Osang, who graduated from the Hong-ik University sculpture department, has become one of the most recognised contemporary artists in Korea for his non-conventional approach to sculpture....

    ....which includes models such as the band Keane....

    ....who chose him to create eye-catching artwork... promote their album Perfect Symmetry

    Each band member took between 1,000 and 3,000 photographs to create....

    ....and while the photo shoot took five days with the band, the actual sculptures took around six weeks to produce

    Gwon Osang also produced a sculpture of Graham Massey of Manchester dance music pioneers 808 State

    But the photo-mâché artist is not limited to musicians, as this mounted police officer shows

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    That's freaky. They look like shiny wax figures.

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    She couldn't come up with something better than ugly people with empty eyes? Eeeeekk
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