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Thread: High-speed photographs by Alan Sailer

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    Default High-speed photographs by Alan Sailer

    This incredible photograph by Alan Sailer captures the moment a pellet fired from an air rifle hits a paintball

    In this picture, a tomato gets a high-powered juicing. To create his photos, Alan uses an air rifle, a Nikon D40 camera and a homemade one-microsecond flash unit which cost him about $300

    He explains that an ordinary camera flash is far too slow (one-thousandth of a second, as opposed to his one-millionth of a second unit). A glass ornament filled with cake sprinkles explodes

    In this picture of an exploding grape, you can clearly see the laser used to trigger the camera's shutter

    A plastic vial filled with red dye, cornstarch and water. Alan says: "The shooting is stressful. It takes time to set up the shot and WHAM, it's all over. You may or may not have got a good picture and now there is a mess on your setup, your camera, the garage"

    A Christmas ornament filled with orange jelly. Alan notes: "What was cool was that the jelly held the pieces of the bulb together after the shot"

    In perhaps his most incredible photo, Alan fires a pellet at a razor blade gripped in a vice. The pellet is cut clean in half by the blade

    Alan calls this one I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass. He says: "Four microscope slides. Shades of the famous Blade Runner death scene"

    Alan calls this one Last M&M Standing

    Tricolour Play-Doh

    A Concord grape explodes in a burst of red juice

    Orange jelly experiences small scale hydrodynamic shock from a .177 pellet

    High-speed photographs by Alan Sailer capture the moment a pellet fired from an air rifle hits an object - Telegraph

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    VERY nice.
    I like these a lot.

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    Wow-he is very creative.
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    These are so cool! I love the ornament filled with cake sprinkles.
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    Fascinating shots! I was just thinking about what a mess his studio
    must be when I read his quote on that.
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    Cool pics.

    This guy is good with a gun!
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    Right click/save as. Hello new wallpapers! These are absolutely gorgeous. Love them!
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    just beautiful , i love them all!

    ETA: Sylkyn thanks for the great idea, i did just that!
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    I saw these last week and loved them too. Esp. the first one, so colorful. I was going to post them but I forgot!

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    These are so original.
    Hopefully he will make a lot of money with it.
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