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Thread: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes leave a hotel in Beverly Hills (12/18/07)

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    if tc isnt gay, i can totally see him leaving her bc this guy has been with some of the most gorgeous in the world and now this??

    prettygirl we posted at the same time.. what ur saying makes complete sense!! ita except for the little girl part..she's basically 30 yrs old

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    Katie totally changed herself into who she was to conform to Tom's world. I'm not so sure he's forcing her to do anything though. She's the one who's never had access to as much money as she has now and that's why she's going hog wild with the clothes and the spending.

    I have a feeling Katie's a very insecure little girl who's probably threatened by the fact she's Tom's THIRD wife. Let's face it, he works with a lot of A-List actresses who have more sophistication, class, fame, money and careers than she ever did. Therefore, I have this strong suspicion that Katie's done this whole makeover because she felt inferior being the way she was.

    This outfit is ugly. It's not the clothes that makes the woman, it's the woman who makes the clothes....and this chick is a little girl playing dress up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbelle View Post
    I thinkoshe's had something done around her cheeks and chin.
    Here are some pics from her Dawson's Creek days:
    Maybe she had a rhinoplasty first, then cheek and chin implants? I think they do those procedures at the same time to ensure everything is in proportion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylkyn View Post looks like she left in her nightgown and threw that tacky-ass coat on to cover up.
    Guess we think a like, that's what I wrote in the fashion thread on her. Those slacks do nothing for her.

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