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Thread: Sasha Grey - The 27th Annual Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas (01/09/10)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    aside from ari, of course (pretty much the only reason to watch), billy walsh was always the best thing about the show, whether he was drugged out of his mind or newly sober and married. he's awesome. glad they brought him back.

    Yeah Ari is the only reason I watch. I like Billy too. They could recast everyone else and I wouldn't care. I hate the lot of them. Especially Adrian Grenier. He sucks so hard. Not even remotely good looking anymore.

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    She's allegedly only 22 or something close to that. Uugh!
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    Only learned of her from this past season of Entourage, and I have to say in the begining after learning who she was, and doing some gooling and seeing just how obsessed people are with her (suprisingly not all of them are porn fans), i did have to scratch my head a bit and say "wtf is sooo special about this hoe"......however, as the season wore on, i began to find her incredibly attractive, and her character actually became more annoying. So idk, maybe there is something else about Sasha Grey.
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    She's hot, that's all. Don't wathc porn that much (pretty much never), but saw a clip of her boxing some guy and then getting it on all sweaty and dirty. Whoot!

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