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Thread: Melania Trump makes a fashion oopsie

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    ^Italian? She doesn't even speak English yet.
    Zara is Spanish and Melania is telling the world she doesn't care while visiting kids separated from their parents.
    Rest assured, this isn't a message to her husband, her message is 'vaffanculo' at us while sucking a Cheeto for an extra million.
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    Frankly, I don't see why she feels the need. I mean, unless she's just a hateful alt-right-leaning fascist herself. Which is the only choice we're realistically left with. Still a stupid message for her to send. What's wrong with quietly waiting for the inevitable divorce payoff and laughing all the way to the bank?
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    The first (maybe only?) time I've seen Melania speak at any great length was in the early 2000s on an episode of one of those reality shows - I think it might have been ANTM - where the contestants went up to his vulgar gold-covered apartment and Melania was kind of smug and a total hard-faced bitch to all these starstruck teenagers.

    I think she might actually be his Nurse Diesel.
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    This is her jumping the shark moment.
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    i think is someone showing/ demonstrating that Melanie is OWNED. Smart people like yourselves will look at this and say that it was ill-advised, inexcusable, unexplainable, which is certainly true, no matter what her cause. i don't think it was her cause at all.

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    Why she did like that? is this really relate to trump?

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