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Thread: Lindsay Lohan leaving a restaurant (12/06/07)

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    I'm so over her. She's a total has been who threw away an opportunity of a life time. I see other stars like Scarlett, Kiera and Natalie Portman and they were able to keep it together....poor Lindsay, she had to pick drugs over her career. I wonder if she will be able to stage a come back.

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    Damn!! 5 years from now she's gonna look like Elizabeth Taylor.
    "The most important question in all of human kind is..... would you hit it or not?" ~potato_chips

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    She's looking like a 40 years old, drunk woman...

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    Typical, trying to look irritated and inconvenienced by the cameras, but unable to hide her lips curling up in a smile. What a stupid attention whore.

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