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Thread: Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush at LAX (01/18/08)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyoma View Post
    ^It's BS. I think they have an arrangement with each other. I don't know any
    sane guy that will want his future wife do a strip dance for him and his friends.
    It's sad when you sell who you are for $
    Yeah right, if your saying he is using her for a beard, why her? What does SHE get out of the deal. The chick already has money. A LOT of guys like slutty wifes or were sluts PRIOR to them because they know they can, get them to do whatever without much hesitation then they can feel "they helped them turn their live around". I heard to many storys of porn stars who hooked up with real stars, and of course the porn people had been molested raped or something and the guys wanted that.

    This girl has done what? Fuck her boyfriend of 3-4 yrs on a videotape? Call the cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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