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Thread: Kim Kardashian celebrates her birthday at Les Deux in Los Angeles(10/21/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by VenusInFauxFurs View Post
    We all have differing definitions of doing well anyway, so I'm not sure why she should have to give an account of it.
    Well, exactly. I don't consider a guy successful just because he has a corner office at Daterape, Cokehead & Jag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily View Post
    You made me snort laugh

    I don't think she's beautiful at all. I think she looks fake. I mean, the eyelashes alone make me laugh. It's like two spiders landed on her eyelids.

    I'm sure the hair is a weave/extensions too but if it was real hair I'd like to have it. I love thick long dark gorgeous hair. She scares me. If she was a broke ass she'd be real hideous instead of being fake hideous.
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    Am I jealous of her looks? Not really. But I do think she is beautiful sometimes. I dont know what surgerys she's had. So its hard to judge. But surgery or not beauty is beauty. Like when some say Berry, and Jolie had TONS of it, to me it dosent make it diffrence since they are GORGEOUS and I cant tell. But when it looks like they had bunch its annoying. Like Hunter Tylo. And lot of them mess their faces up.

    I dont know how old Kim is. But usually when someone ages quicker then the average person they basically stay looking that way for years. From what I seen. In real life. And from celebs. Meaning if someone 20 looks 30, 9 out of 10 when they hit 30, they look the exact same. They arent 30 and look 45. Their 30 and look 30 now. The aging process just caught up with them early and is stagnent.

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    She's overblown. Everything about her is 'supersize'. This isn't really the issue even if her curves are store bought. It's the way she carried herself. Sophia Loren and Raquel Welsh have similar figures, but they are sexy and sensual. Kim's just cheap and tacky.

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