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Thread: Kim Kardashian in body hugging white dress in Hollywood (02/22/08)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojiita View Post
    ok.. I apologize since I really do not follow the board crap really(I try not to when it comes to this stuff)and did not realize that you yourself had been among 'the accused'. (If I did know I have forgotten about it). That puts your post in a new perspective for me and I can understand it better now. Sorry that happened to you. I guess it can get way out of control.

    And some of the posts in some other threads(like the million replies thread) are more of what I was referencing(including the rudeness to Noday) not necessarily in this thread.
    No worries Soj, I don't think I was very clear

    I thought the million thread thing was just a misunderstanding? With a little frustration on both sides mixed in. I dunno, I guess it's hard to know the tone of posts and intentions when you can't hear a voice. But personally, I just don't get the troll vibe from them, or see anything other than a couple of people who know each other have a chat in a thread that's meant for just general chitchat. Just my humble little opinion though.

    And I don't see the 'defending' of a friend on here any different than the defending of a fellow poster who many on here consider as friends. But maybe that's just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SummerSwelter View Post
    And speaking from the male perspective, I've seen MEN treat pretty women rudely, or call them "stuck-up bitches" when one doesn't respond flirtatiously enough with them. Okay, so a woman is stuck-up or a bitch because she doesn't bat her eyes flirtatiously at you?
    My brother told me about the place that we both work, mostly males there, you're either a bitch or a whore. How true that sometimes is.

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