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Thread: Jessica Biel walks her dog before Justin Timberlake's concert (09/19/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaintTheTownRed View Post
    Her dog is wearing a headcollar, it's not a muzzle. Some people think it's more humane than pulling a dog by its neck. I don't like it because people often mistake it for a muzzle and think the dog is mean. Also her dog didn't eat her other dog. That was a rumor or blind vice or something. Her puppy was playing with a group of dogs and got injured and died as a result.

    oh yeah, I hate the outfit. It makes her body look horrible.
    Well said about the head collar part <3

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    Ugh, that outfit...
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    Notice, it's only one dog! Remember the blind?

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    ^Yeah, there was another thread about this, I mentioned it there... I totally think it was an ugly scene at home, no matter how the publicist spun it. Sad. I think JT cancelled the concerts to be with her (my daughter had tickets to one of them, she and her friends were pissed, they can't go to the reschedule).

    No judgment here. I had two litter mates one time, the neighbor finally told us to do something because they were tearing each other apart in the backyard during the day, and we had no idea. We got rid of them both, to separate homes. (Turns out purebred is often not a good choice, big surprise.)

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    She's got no fashion sense.
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    Umm, her "dog" being the operative word, apparently.

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