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Thread: Jessica Alba visited the gym (01/02/08)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharon_b View Post
    "Jessica Alba visits the gym"

    ......that has to be about the 20th time she's gone to the gym since she announced her pregnancy. Bitch is terrified beyond belief at loosing her so-called "hot" body. Its okey to go every once in a while but it seems like she practially lives there. But what the hell to do i care?.....she's dull anyway!
    She said in the past that she worked out 5 times a week and there is nothing wrong with continuing your daily routine while pregnant (except crunches),plus the gym she goes to has classes for pregnant women.It's advised not to start working out while pregnant when you don't usually work out.

    Quote Originally Posted by jenks5177 View Post
    she probably went to the gym just as often before but now that she's pregnant it suddenly matters. good for her, exercise is good for you, preggo or not.
    That's exactly what i was about to say,also going to the gym in the morning doesn't mean you spend your all life there,you can still have a life lol.Exercising is excellent for your health (pregnant or not) and the baby's, and it helps you to bounce back quicker,so i say kudos to her.I'm more concerned about the paparazzi taking boring shots every single day.
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