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Thread: Jessica Alba @ 2009 Campari Calendar launch in Milan, Italy (12/02/2008)

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    ^I saw those.
    I think this one is the most noticeably different:

    I posted all the candid shots here:
    Jessica Alba - 2009 Campari Calendar Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

    I still think she looks hot without the heavy photoshop job. had she not been heavily airbrushed in the first place I still think she would look gorgeous in the photos. I think it's the horribly tacky look here that makes her looks so ugly.

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    it struck me that the unphotoshoped ones were the test shots not the actual photos since her head and body is usually in a different position.
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    Normally I would say how gorgeous she is. But I really hate her hair in these pictures. It really isn't flattering in the slightest.

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