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Thread: Heidi Klum launches her make-up collection at the Victoria's Secret store (10/26/07)

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    I agree that she's overrated. But I don't hate her. Mainly because I don't give her enough thought though. She's boring looking (and overall) and doesn't seem like she's got a lot going on upstairs. She's lucky insofar as having a great guy like Seal.
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    Honestly, pretty plain as a model compared to other famous supermodels...but
    she isn't bad looking either. She looks happy and healthy here. I agree though
    with what has been stated, her voice is annoying...ugh.

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    She may be "over rated", but I can't help but find her beautiful. I would take her over anyother VS model or ex-model any day.

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    She's not my favourite model by far, but something about her endears her to me.

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