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Thread: Hayden Panettiere and Lindsay Lohan celebrate New Years in Capri (12/31/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by azoria View Post
    Who the hell is Hayden Panettiere and why should I care?

    Just another averagely pretty young girl with zero accomplishments to her credit, in a world full of pretty young girls--plenty of them better looking than she is.

    How do these do-nothings become celebrities? It completely confounds me.
    She plays Claire on Heroes and has been in some movies so she's not a "do nothing".

    I think she's a pretty good actress.

    Oh and she tried to save whales from getting slaughtered by Japanese fishermen. There's a warrant out for her arrest in Japan.

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    She played the little cute tomboy girl in Remember the Titans.

    For that alone, you should take that comment back azoria.

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