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Thread: Hayden Panettiere at Glamour Woman of the Year Awards (06/03/08)

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    She looks so much older than her age.. another one who's going to be screwed.
    She doesn't need to starve herself, but yes, she is STUMPY... which there's nothing she can do about that. But that knee length dress isn't helping.

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    Please Danger don't be a lecturer. I never wrote this chick needs to slim down nor that she would look better and healthier if she was thinner. In addition, if I say "stumpy" and people want to assume I said "she should starve", that is not my problem, honestly.

    I am not pleasing ppl with what they want to hear, I don't think G.Rockers deserve that! I was asked to name who I thought of as skinny; when I said "whatever makes you happy" I had just remaked one more time that I was not interested in the weight thing, and that I had no intention to judge people's issues with weight.

    I've thought about my words (thanks) and what I have stated is that Hayden looks like a stumpy midget (mainly her arms) to me with a pretty average face. Generally speaking, I am entitled to my opinion (especially on a gossip forum). Now, the dispute is over for me.
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    Please don't take what I said the wrong way. First of all, I never stated that YOU said she should slim down. I was stating MY opinions.

    Secondly, I was agreeing with you that she is stumpy looking.

    The second brief paragraph pertains directly to your posts. Maybe you were using sarcasm or whatever... but if I recall correctly, you were changing your statements to "she's gorgeous/she's waif--if that makes you happy". Maybe I didn't understand those posts in the similar sense that others who read your first reply, "SHE'S FAT", assumed you meant what the dictionary defines as "having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese: a fat person." Some people were offended by those words and really I don't blame them.. However, in MY response to your posts I thought I realized by fat you meant stumpy, "short and thick; stubby; stocky", and people were just not getting your message because of the poor choice of wording, but now I just have no idea. Now I realize I was out of line for attempting to concrete your scattered confusing statements in a direction that is more understandable to other posters. So honestly, whatever, take what I said as a meaningless 'lecture' and move on. I wont say anything more because it's not worth it... keep at it, it's all entertaining.

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    She was EVERYWHERE for like a yr and a half straight....i just realized that she really fell off. Now that Heroe's is on its way back i guess she has to show that adorable staunted growth face again.
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