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Thread: Hayden Panettiere @ Genesis Awards 2008 (03/30/08)

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    Bleh. She's got lovely skin and a horrible personality.

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    She's cute now, but she seems to have the body type that will easily show weight for every single extra pound she carries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SummerSwelter View Post
    She's so cute.

    I'd kidnap her... with my love, that is, and lock her up in the basement... of my heart, I mean.

    Haha, good one

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by TheONe View Post
    She's a real life Midget...
    So? She's not the only one...
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    I'm gonna enjoy the so-called "stumpiness" while I can, cause if she stays in Hollywood I give it another 1-2 years and she'll be yet another blonde, lean and shredded to the point of withered and 90lb, cracked out looking ho-bag who looks like a 35 year old barfly at 21. It's about this time that she will really be considered "hot" amongst the LA celeb set (and by the easily swayed masses).

    She's very cute and fresh-faced right now.
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