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Thread: Evanescence performing in Mountain View (09/01/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilly Willy View Post
    Slit Your Wrists - the new album by Evanescence, out now! (featuring Owen Wilson)

    And Evanescence are about as Goth as Avril is punk. Both their fans shop at Hot Topic.

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    There is absolutely nothing punk or goth about her music, so why is she considered that?

    Because she wears black and dyes her hair? Oh, and her voice gives me a stomach ache.....

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    I liked Bring Me to Life, My Immortal, and Going Under from her Fallen album wayyyy back (i think those are the correct names)
    I dunno, their new music just not great at all. And her voice does get old.

    She is only attractive when photoshopped...
    These photos remind me of a goth Britney (actually, those candids from her "Get Back" music video, lol, but less whorish)

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    I liked some of the songs from Fallen but not really anymore. My bf used to have a crush on her but I never understood why, she's plain and only looks good if she has 10 lbs. of make up caked on her face, but at least she is 'normal' sized and not a bag of bones.

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