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Thread: Dita Von Teese @ Louis Vuitton Fashion Show, Louvre, Paris (10/08/07)

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    She needs to come out of character - I'd love to see her hair long and straight, her face without makeup.

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    ^ Sounds interesting!

    BTW- here is a pic from her thread in "hot women" forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaffyMoon View Post
    She needs to come out of character - I'd love to see her hair long and straight, her face without makeup.
    She apparently doesn't even 'come out of character' to go to bed at night. Even her nighties are vintage.

    I suppose she's one of those people that has to have a schtick to feel self confident. At least she does it well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirsten89 View Post
    I love her. How Marilyn Manson gets women like her and Rose McGowan is beyond me. Man must have a dick the size of an elephants.
    He does apparently, according to Jenna Jameson.
    She also wrote that he had a girlish body covered in scars.
    He's someone you'd date when you wanted to be written about. Evan Rachel Wood wasn't a nobody but she certainly wasn't talked about as much before.

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    The type of gloves she's wearing are really "In" ...they look so much like dishwasher gloves to me though. I hate this trend.

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