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Thread: Christina Aguilera wearing a shirt with Britney's cd logo (11/30/07)

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    Xtina imo is more talented but if she was to say go down the drug path now, she would end up exactly like Britney and Winehouse and the rest of the nose candy crowd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lienka View Post
    There were artists who didnít achieve anything during their live and now their work is worth of millions. Their talent won.
    Business is business and talent is talent. These are two different things. Milli Vanilli were also very successful until they admitted they were just puppets.

    What kind of future Britney has? Christina has a great talent and this talent can help her to continue her career for a very long time. Also, Christina isnít in the same business as Britney. Sheís not a bubble gum pop.
    noone knows how the future ll look ,and who cares about the achievment after death?
    im just looking on the situation so far..and im not a big britney ,soorry

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