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Thread: Chloe Sevigny @ The Lanvin Ready to Wear fashion show, Paris (10/08/07)

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    I cannot see here without thinking about that disgusting Vincent Gallo with his cock in her mouth and her actually blowing his real dick in "Brown Bunny" ..and it is so much worse cause he is such an might not be so bad if she had 'done' some decent guy..but that asswipe?
    Don't slap me, cause I'm not in the mood!

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    i dig her. i remember thinking she was really something different way back when she was in the movie, "kids."
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    That guy with the glasses in the last pic looks happy.
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    Gallo is an asshole but he's pretty intelligent.

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    I can't help myself. I like her. She has major chutzpah. Though I agree with others who said she often doesn't pull off her edgy fashion choices, I rather like how she looks here.

    As an aside, I think it's refreshing to see minimal makeup on a celebrity. I personally think very little make up looks better on most people. Maybe it's just me though. A splash of make up on me has me veering dangerously toward the two bit whore look.

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    I love these bolder colors. Vibrant.

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    I love Chloe and her fashion sense or lack there of. I think she is a great actress and sexy in the way that she doesnt give a fuck what ppl think of her. She is so underrated. To me she is the real life Carrie Bradshaw. If i never watched S&TC again to reminice on all the great clothes Carrie wore, id be ok. I have Chloe. Rock On ORIGINAL ONE!!!!!!!!
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