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Thread: Britney Spears visits her boys in Beverly Hills (10/23/2007)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mira View Post
    I have a feeling if she survives their toddlerhood (in other words, doesn't DIE), she's going to love their sports years. That's some fun. If she could stop being an attention whore and making the event all about her showing up to her kids' games.

    She reminds me of some men who can't get into their kids until they can walk, talk, dress themselves and read Dick and Jane. Wait- half the board won't know WhoTF Dick and Jane are
    Well, I sure know who dick is........

    My my, didn't we all just dip our tongues in some acid today.

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    Now CrackHo I know you're old enough to remember who Dick is
    Never mind you weren't interested in Jane!!

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