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Thread: Britney Spears at a hotel in Beverly Hills (10/03/2007)

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    Look at her toenails- does she eat them? They dont look nice.

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    A few things...whats that dodgy mark on her foot? Why hasn't she shaved under her arms, for goodness sake it's the first thing you do if you know that you're wearing a sleeveless top
    I think it's one of her tats. As for the body hair, if it was someone else I might be thinking that it could be a statement - Julia Robert's pits, you know - but it's BritBrit, so in all probability she just didn't think about it... or didn't take a shower, and couldn't be bothered.

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    Don't hate me for saying this but i really like the pink bag and i also quite like the D&G clutch. But could someone ID the pink bag for me??

    Phew now that i got that out of the way i can say that she looks awful in that dress and in one of the pics you can see a we haven't seen enough of twitney's cleavage for one year

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