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Thread: Anne Hathaway @ The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation's (11/12/07)

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    something about her looks kind of unhygienic. she has huge chompers too.

    lovely girl though. when she's moving and stuff.

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    *scroff* Haterz!!!!

    She's gorgeous! Her features are what make her beautiful. She's not the most photogenic actress out there but she has her own identity and is interesting to look at.

    The purple looks great against her skin. She should wear it more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheONe View Post
    Actually I have a wierd fetish for big Noses on women so that is not my problem with Anne's face!...but you had better watch out Lily, you might end up as my new pin up model!

    hee hee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily View Post
    ^Yeah, heaven forbid someone not have a tiny little carved up nose. That's one thing I like about her. And my own funny nose. Imagine that, me and Anne Hathaway walking around, having come to accept our deformity and ugliness.

    Exactly why does one need to have a tiny fake nose to be called beautiful

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    Actually, Lily, if you look somewhat alike to Audrey Tatou and to Anne (and I see some resemblance between these two) I can not imagine someone NOT liking your looks! Sure neither has the type of prettiness or cuteness (depending on people's taste) that makes headlines in the media and is portrayed as THE standard. But they are definitely attractive, definitely cute, definitely sexy in a cute, approachable sort of way (versus sexy as in "sex vampire").

    I will share something with you. What my husband thinks of Audrey Tatou (he fell for her when she made Amelie and always said this same thing...).

    I know my husband thinks Audrey Tatou is of the most delicious women out there. He says he realizes she might not be as striking as Angelina Jolie, but striking does not equal "easy on the eyes for a long while". In other words, he says that there are women whose beauty is striking but somehow generic and somehow tiresome... Something that is too striking (like a very striking face) can eventually get tiring, annoying, even detract from a person's beauty just because the striking does not allow to see the "whole" of the person. He says with women like Audrey, you just like what you see but don't get tired of it. It's beautiful and sexy in a non threatening, aggressive or boring way. It is easy and pleasing on the eyes, it is cute, endearing... and still does not shadow other physical and personality qualities the person has. He always tells me: yes, Angelina is vavoom, but how boring would it be to be so distracted by her facial features or body that I could not enjoy her body language, gestures, manners, voice and other potentially equally or more interesting "things" about her? and what would happen after seeing those striking eyes, cheekbones and lips for a long while without something else to make me feel "at home" with this woman? I would get tired. Let Angelina on a nice poster, give me an Audrey to hang out with.

    When I complain about what I think is a big nose (my nose is not big but I think it is big for my face, nice shape but big, so I hate it) he says that my nose works for me and that I also have the sexy-cute factor he prefers. He says he enjoys waking up to a woman that he finds pleasing and beautiful in his eyes and yet whose beauty does not overwhelm his senses and impedes him from enjoying all that comes with the physical package. I am nowhere as pretty as Audrey Tatou but I love that he thinks that and says that. And I don't think my husband is the only man to think that way.

    Most of the men I know go gaga for the striking beauties on screen, but that's an interest that last seconds. It's the normal-pretty girls the ones their interest lasts with. At least around me, that's what I have seen. I casually know many handsome men who could have landed some vavoom chick and yet they all fell for women who, by comparison, are cute and pretty but in a normal way. So... believe me, maybe not so by Hollywood stupid unrealistic and arbitrary standards, but if I asked a guy about your looks he would likely say: wanna meet her.

    So keep your chin up. You are one lucky lady. The type that bewitch men for the long run

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    i think anne hathaway is beautiful & i really like that rich color on her.
    white, black, puerto rican/everybody just a freakin'/good times were rollin'.

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