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Thread: Angelina Jolie dances with Shiloh and Zahara

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    Aw, itd be so cute to see her in little colorful dresses sometimes.. ^_^

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    I'm sorry, but Z looks like a liitle bitch. I won't be surprise if she grows up to be another Nicole Richie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrettyGirl View Post
    I'm surprised Shiloh is so blonde! She didn't get Angelina's brown hair at all. She's cute. She looks like a handful though, an energetic ball of blonde

    BTW she looks like her grandfather (Angelina's father), she's his spitting image.

    Angelina Takes Her Girls to the Mall - omg! photos on Yahoo!
    I thought exact thing seeing last pic.

    Also, Ang's parents were both blonde and i'm fairly sure she was too as a wee one.

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