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Thread: Adriana Lima eating lunch at Da Silvano's in NYC (06/19/08)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KD View Post
    Have you seen her fiance? He is seriously, SERIOUSLY FUG. Seriously.
    Shit I now. That dude has eyes so small I'm surprised he's not legally blind. But I guess Adrianna sees something *snicker* in him that I don't.

    Anyway I love these candids. Adrianna seems like a nice chick that laughs all the time. I love her.

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    Uh, I don't know guys... her face doesn't look THAT good to me... she's got puffy eyes, I don't like her teeth (can I dare to say they kind of look slightly like horse teeth??)... kind of gross, not really delicate, IMO...
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    Oh come on ppl, adriana is better to look at than all the fuckin plastic faces in hollywood and her body is great for a model

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    If she were to gain 15 pounds, she'd be perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bychance View Post
    If she were to gain 15 pounds, she'd be perfect.
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    Oh I love her, I'd marry her.

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