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Thread: Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha: Los Angeles lovers (03/20/09)

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    Default Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha: Los Angeles lovers (03/20/09)

    While her twin sister is keeping busy on the east coast, Ashley Olsen was spotted spending time with her man in Los Angeles on Friday (March 20).
    The 22-year-old mini mogul grabbed up a morning coffee in Laurel Canyon while boyfriend Justin Bartha carried chopped wood and groceries to the car.
    And they're definitely busy doing their own things, Ashley insists that she and Mary Kate are still very close. She tells, "We still spend an awful lot of time together. We're sisters, we love each other and we love spending time together."
    Ashley adds, "We sometimes don't see each other at weekends because we go off and see different friends. But we always know where the other one is."
    Enjoy the pictures of Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha out in Los Angeles (March 20).


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    I'm guessing the John Candy looking dude is her bodyguard.
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    i love her outfit.
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    She looks so fucking old. Lindsay's in her late 40s, biologically speaking, but this one is probably in her early 60s. Chronological age is nothing, I'll tell you...

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    She's still relevant?
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