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Thread: Jordan, looking frighteningly like a Realdoll, with bats for eyelashes (05/08/2008)

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    Default Jordan, looking frighteningly like a Realdoll, with bats for eyelashes (05/08/2008)

    Photos Of Jordan a.k.a. Katie Price And Peter Andre In LA For Breast Reduction Surgery | popsugar - Celebrity Gossip & News.

    Jordan's Back In LA For More Surgery

    10 hours 39 min ago by PopSugarUK
    481 Views - 3 comments

    Hold on to your hats America, Jordan and Peter are back! Following their trip to LA in April, the couple are back in the US city for Kate to undergo further breast reduction surgery. They've been spending their first few hours visiting medical centres, shopping and engaging in PDAs. There was no sign of their adorable kids, but if you're getting withdrawal symptoms you can get your fill of cute Princess Tiaamii pictures in this week's OK! Magazine. Hopefully Kate will get more love from America than she did from the organisers of the Cartier Polo Tournament — she's already showed up that snobbery by being invited to the Gatcombe horse trials at Princess Anne’s Gloucestershire estate. Pretty good comeback, I'd say.


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    I don't like her black hair or the eyelashes

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    What the hell happened to her mouth?
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    Gross. Her mouth is seriously screwed up.

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    Umm, a real doll that got dropped in the mud... what's all over her face? Clean that shit up!

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    She's just plain ugly now

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    WTF?! She looks like Daffy Duck!!!
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