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Thread: Kristen Bell & Jamie King (08/02/08)

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    Thumbs up Kristen Bell & Jamie King (08/02/08)

    Kristen Bell & Jamie King helped Red Mango celebrate their one year anniversary at the Los Angeles location Saturday, Aug 2nd.
    They took the time out to meet with fans and sign autographs. Red Mango will donate all sales from the event to the Invisible Children charity. Invisible Children aims to create awareness regarding the plight of the people of northern Uganda by educating and inspiring individuals to use their voices for change.

    Kristen Bell and Jamie King team up for charity! Accidental Sexiness

    Invisible Children is a San Diego-based organization working to better the lives of children affected by war. Here's their website

    Invisible Children - Invisible Children
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    I love both these gals. So cute. Jamie King is such a pretty thing--and Kristen Bell is awesome.

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    both very pretty.

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