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Thread: Phoebe Price (06/23/08)

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    Default Phoebe Price (06/23/08)

    Phoebe: The Price Is So Wrong
    Posted Jun 23rd 2008 12:30PM by TMZ Staff
    A-list nobody Phoebe Price may have finally found a way to make herself memorable -- taking a picture of her loose, pasty, anatomically incorrect backside!

    Phoebe, age unknown, took time out of her busy schedule of standing outside the Ivy begging anyone to take her photo -- to flash her congealed body, while doing something resembling a cartwheel on the beach this weekend. She's not ready for her closeup.

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    she's so fucking gross.

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    that photo is not real

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    I believe that it is real. She's jumping at this moment so it's elastic deformation captured in a pic. That's why a lot of celebs look like they have just horrible cellulite when they are photographed while jumping and in other pics you can't see any flabbiness. Like this pic of Fergie jogging. I once saw a video of few girls in bikinis jumpeing on a trampoline. In order to make the clip even sexier it they repeated it in slow motion and every time they hit the trampoline you could see how their legs deformed and they looked like they had the worst cellulite. But you could'nt see any when the video was played in normal speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerous View Post
    she's so fucking gross.

    ITA, wtf is that?

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