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Thread: Woody Allen claims Mia Farrow was ‘unnaturally obsessed’ with Ronan Farrow

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    Like Clutch Cargo! With his pals, Spinner and Paddlefoot.

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    Even in the pre-PS pic he looks nothing like Woody. Are there pre-PS (because I know she had to have at least some) pics of Mia?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathie_Moffett View Post
    There is one other interesting point about Ronan, though. He can really carry a tune (and this video is from when he was just a teenager, and it's pretty casual--he wasn't trying hard at all.) He sounds more like Rufus Wainwright than Frank, but it's a very nice, if untrained voice. Sorry I can't link the video directly, but it's in this article:

    I rather favor "Clutch" or perhaps "Hobo."
    As a mother of a single teenaged boy who thinks he no longer needs Mom, I would CHERISH that video of Ronan singing that song. Plus, Ronan really has a beautiful voice, especially being untrained and all.
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