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Thread: Winona Ryder Says Keanu Reeves Refused Direction to Verbally Abuse Her on Dracula Set

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    ^^^I didn't even mean just "us" here. It's all over the internet, as if being decent is a sensation nowadays.
    The intense wish that Keanu is a good guy - that I can understand.

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    Well to be honest, being a decent human being, especially as a celebrity, IS kind of a sensation nowadays.

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    That’s the sad thing, we somewhat celebrate people being decent because sooooo many would just have done what the movie director said, regardless of how vile it was to their coworker.
    As being nice is a quality that never fails to be underestimated, I also think it is perhaps a good thing we make an extra fuss to applaud people who are not dicks.
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    In a world full of James Woods every Keanu Reeves counts for even more.
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    If you care to, treat yourself to Destination Wedding with Keanu and Winona. It's free on Amazon.
    It has the funniest sex scene I think I've ever seen - emphasis on funny. They were great as two completely dysfunctional individuals.

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    ^i've watched it and i liked it.
    it's like an anti-rom-com. their characters are both neurotic and self-centred, but i ended up liking them.

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