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Thread: Why Gloria Steinem Is Sticking Up for Jennifer Aniston

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    ^ there's definitely a component of that. Also, the joy of competition they once got in the workplace is now transferred to the competition of their children.
    Very wise observation.
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    I have to say, as a SAHM, I haven't come across too many of these uber competitive mommies. The few I've seen tho, come off as insecure about their choices. They need to justify not working a 9-5 so they turn parenting into THE HARDEST JOB OF ALL TIME. It's obnoxious, but it's sometimes a manifestation of the pressure women feel, as if raising a family is not enough of a contribution or an interesting enough life. So these women play it up to sound more difficult, interesting, whatever.

    SAHM's feel judged by working women just as often as working mom's feel judged by SAHMs. Comments like, "I could never let a man take care of me," (even when no one knows the financial situation) or "Being with kids all day isn't enough stimulation for me, " ( i.e. I'm too intelligent for that), come off as condescending. Again, I think this feeds competitive mommies. They have to prove their worth by getting johnny into an exclusive preschool, or potty training an infant.

    We just need to be kind to each other for fuck's sake.
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    that's never going to happen. god never created a more vicious animal than woman.
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    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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