I am so sorry that happened to you, llamamama, and congratulations on your sobriety.

I agree that getting sloppy drunk and losing all inhibitions can be dangerous, and it's certainly unwise if you're in an unfamiliar place or partying with people you don't trust. But as stated above, it is never an invitation for rape. It's unsafe for other reasons though, like not having friends you can trust to get you home and keep you from driving, or ensure that you don't overindulge. I had a friend from highschool pass away after a night of hard partying with his frat brothers. He was a skinny slip of a kid and tried to keep up with his beefier counterparts and ended up aspirating on his own vomit after they dropped him off in his single dorm. Getting insanely drunk is dangerous in its own right, especially in unsavory company, so obviously it's a good idea to keep your wits about you.

If that was Whoopi's point, I get it. And I get that it's hard to determine if someone is raped when both people have no recollection of the events, or were so inebriated they "consented," despite being too incapacitated to actually do so. This may sound like a defense of Taranto's article, but I do see what he means by a "collision," in certain cases. If two people are both drunk and saying yes, is it fair to call the guy a rapist for not having the wherewithal to realize the girl is too drunk to really mean it? Are they both victims if he is also unable to make an informed decision? I don't know. But what is not a collision is the incidents you described. Being drunk and giving consent to a sober person who knows better is rape. Being drunk and not consenting to a drunk person is rape. Being drunk and having sex with a woman who is unconscious is rape. If the word "yes" is never uttered, whether you are sober or out of your mind smashed, it is rape. I took Whoopi's statement and the article (especially calling alcohol a "mitigating factor" for men) as saying being drunk absolves you of responsibility. If the guy is drunk, is it really his fault he had sex with you while you were unconscious or saying no? Alcohol may alter your mind, but it's not a rabid poison that makes rape "understandable."

I would like to give Whoopi the benefit of the doubt here, but this isn't the first time she's made troubling remarks on the subject. I agree with the posters above, but not Goldberg. She really strikes me as a rape-apologist.