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Thread: Whiny Tom Cruise tries to control baby stores now

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    She DOES look like Joshie, esp that new hair and her eyes. Hmm.

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    ^^ I worked retail - we didn't talk about our customers but only because it was tacky, not because some short twit with a huge ego threatened to sue us.

    Why do they still carry her around like a newborn? Blanket and bottle?

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    I think they keep her on the bottle to hide her true age.
    But after the Leah Remhi (whatever her name is) story
    about her kid on the bottle at 4 or 5 years old and still in diapers...
    who knows.

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    will they keep her on the bottle for the rest of her childhood. Jeez, I can almost see her as Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane when she's 60 singing I Wrote a Letter to Daddy. (Whoever that it - Josh Hartnett, Chris Klein?)

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